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About NSCC International

NSCC International Mandate

NSCC International creates international learning opportunities for employees and students, as part of NSCC’s Unique Learning Experience.


As articulated in our new strategic plan, NSCC is transforming Nova Scotia one learner at a time.  As NSCC continues to contribute to the future of our province in an increasingly globalized world, creating international learning opportunities for students and employees is an essential element in the College’s vision to transform lives and communities through learning. This approach contributes to the NSCC mission of building Nova Scotia’s economy and quality of life through education and innovation, by addressing provincial goals for increased global competitiveness and fostering welcoming communities for immigrants.


Using the portfolio learning model, NSCC International programs support students and employees in “learning how to learn” in an international context, acquiring skills in intercultural communications, global knowledge and awareness and international connections. Key components of NSCC International’s programs include program development, partner identification, promotion and selection processes, pre-departure preparation, risk management and a framework for sharing learning through reflection.


In collaboration with other NSCC departments, and provincial, national and international partners, NSCC International focuses on the following activities:

  1. International Learning Programs:  student and employee engagement in international learning programs at home and abroad that enhance global awareness and employability skills.
  2. Capacity Building Projects:  externally funded international projects with international partner institutions that create opportunities for employees and students to learn in an international context.
  3. International and Immigrant Student Experience: building capacity at NSCC to improve the international and immigrant student experience and enhance on campus international learning opportunities for NSCC students and employees.


Target countries and regions for NSCC International projects and programs are identified and regularly reviewed with the following criteria in mind:

  • Countries/regions that reflect provincial government, local industry, and Canadian priorities
  • Countries/regions that have opportunities for externally funded international education partnerships
  • Health and safety risk management assessment
  • Countries/regions where we have expertise and/or connections or where we can partner with trusted partner institutions that do have expertise and/or connections
  • Countries/regions that offer long term partnership opportunities

Current target countries/regions include:  Caribbean & Latin America, Europe, East Africa and Vietnam

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For more information contact NSCC International international@nscc.ca

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