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Doing Business in Europe in the Netherland – It’s more than just a Summer Program!

From May until June, everything went so fast and it feels like a blink of an eye. The enjoyment, the experience, the weather, the culture and everything in the Netherlands is something I embraced. The biking experience is something I will take back home, the feeling of the wind gushing on my face biking to school every morning.

Doing Business in Europe- Netherlands in Marketing is a great program to learn for students like me who’s interested in European Businesses. The Hanze University is surrounded with art and futuristic-like building structure that would give you a different atmosphere of education. Information from the program that I can use for future decisions with business are things that I could apply.

Learning the Dutch culture and how the Dutch made Holland was really fascinating; from their fish products, dykes and windmills. Even learned a few Dutch words! Goedemorgen which means good morning, Hallo – hello and Dank je – thank you.

Knowing the local products – Grolsch as one of the tastiest beers I had. It was an awesome experience having a tour inside the brewery. The Philips business excursion was a great opportunity to learn from the best and known company not in just the Netherlands but worldwide. Meeting the CEO and networking with business professionals was overwhelming.

This gives me an overview of what I wanted to do in the future. Internship or another exchange student program in the Netherlands will be another hype for me to try again!

Adrianne Motas

Business Administration Student (Accounting)

NSCC Waterfront Campus

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