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Kenya Education for Employment Program – Right outside our hotel in Halifax was a big sign advertising the Open House at NSCC. On our week’s program again was a whole day at the open house. What is an Open House? I thought to myself. I looked forward to the day with lots of curiosity.

On 17thOctober 2018 we dressed up warmly and set out for the Institute of Technology Campus. The hallways were full of young people who paid great attention to students and faculty as they confidently demonstrated their skills. 

Then came the drive to Lunenburg Campus through the beautiful country. The sight of red and yellow leaves was amazing.

Here we had the opportunity to enjoy the tasty pastries from the culinary class and learn a few tips on how to give an injection from the nurses.


And finally the surprise!!! It snowed!!!

Agnes Wahome

Kenya University and Colleges Central Placement Services

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