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Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program Grenada – The Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program (CEDP) in Grenada has been a once in a lifetime experience; consisting of creative thinking, writing and the interviewing of fascinating local representatives of the country. Our program, in collaboration with T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC), has allowed for the documentation and recording of Performing Arts and Theatre in Grenada, as well as Folklore and Superstitions.

During my time involved with this program, I have learned to refine my interviewing ability. Interviewing is a communication skill that involves active listening and making use of interpersonal skills, such as questioning, flexibility, responsibility, leadership, patience, problem solving, respect, team building and tolerance.

Furthermore I have gained the understanding that every interview has its own flow and often one interviewee has a different outlook than another. Different perspectives and ideas for growth and preservation will be important when both youth and older generations come together.

To end this post, I would like to state how grateful I am for all the encouragement and love sent my way from family and friends. I am so very thankful for the well wishes and emails. I would also like to thank my fellow NSCC students and TAMCC counterparts for all their hard work and effort in making this program a positive and memorable experience.

Allison Sears

Student, Business Administration

NSCC Truro Campus

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