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International Student Ambassadors

International Student Ambassadors help connect new international and immigrant students to the campus and community.

The Ambassadors plan activities, help answer your questions and connect with you at your campus.

NSCC International is running an International Student Ambassador program at the Akerley, IT, Truro and Ivany Campuses for the 2017/2018 academic year. This program helps international and immigrant students feel welcomed and included, become familiar with their school and community and engage this student group in campus and community events and activities.


International Student Ambassadors @ Akerley Campus

Luiz from Brazil (Tourism Management): W0301786@nscc.ca

Lucia from Peru (Culinary Arts): w0416837@NSCC.CA

Peter from Canada (and Slovakia!) (Tourism Management): W0403479@nscc.ca

Mohammad from Canada (and Syria!) (Tourism Management): W0402507@nscc.ca

Dave from England (Boulanger/Baking Arts): W0406466@nscc.ca


International Student Ambassadors @ IT Campus

Renan from Brazil (IT – Web Development): W0296773@nscc.ca

Gagan from India (IT – Web Development): W0401389@nscc.ca

Archana from India (IT – Web Development): w0402291@NSCC.CA

Rea from The Philippines (Office Administration): W0413026@nscc.ca


International Student Ambassadors @ Ivany Campus

Thiago from Brazil (Business Administration): W0414160@nscc.ca

Abdul from Nigeria (Graphic Design): W0407827@nscc.ca

Shuyi from China (Business Administration): w0408546@nscc.ca

Youjin from South Korea (Graphic Design): W041161@nscc.ca 

Lorenzo from Canada (and The Philippines!) (Business Administration): W0402344@nscc.ca

Kemie Emmanuel from Jamaica (Business Administration): W0302549@nscc.ca

Alexandra Embree from Canada (Environmental Engineering Technology): w0297761@nscc.ca

Karina Hilario from The Philippines (Business Adminstration): W0413227@nscc.ca
Cecilia Jorge Maciel from Brazil (Business Administration): w0303414@nscc.ca (Coordinator of the International Student Ambassador Program)


International Student Ambassadors @ Truro Campus

Winnifred from Jamaica (International Business): W0402992@nscc.ca

Adelaide from Ghana (Child & Youth Care): W0411698@nscc.ca

Jean-Marie from Jamaica (International Business): w0302547@nscc.ca

Janeel from Jamaica (International Business): W0402344@nscc.ca