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International Student Guidebook

International Student Ambassadors

International Student Ambassadors help connect new international and immigrant students to the campus and community.

The Ambassadors plan activities, help answer your questions and connect with you at your campus.

NSCC International is running an International Student Ambassador program at the Akerley, IT, Truro and Ivany Campuses for the 2017/2018 academic year. This program will help international and immigrant students feel welcomed and included, to become familiar with their school and community and to engage this student group in campus and community events and activities.

Are you interested in becoming an ambassador?

If you like learning about new cultures, meeting and helping people with a positive attitude, you should apply to be one of the new International Student Ambassador at your campus.

Please download and complete the application form: 

Application Form International Student Ambassador

The deadline is September 25, 2017. This is a volunteer opportunity, you can withdraw at any time.


Role and responsibilities

  • An ambassador’s role is to engage with and welcome international & immigrant students and help them become more familiar with school and surroundings.
  • Plan, organize, promote and participate in events/activities/meetings/workshops on and off campus in an effort to promote student engagement and inclusion and bridge the cultural gap.
  • Meet with students to determine what they would like to learn about and experience – build events based on this feedback.
  • Learn about NSCC International’s resources for International & immigrant students.
  • Learn about resources and support offered by NSCC (i.e. Student Services, Academic School, Campus Libraries).
  • Increase international and immigrant student participation in campus and community events.


  • Training for all International Student Ambassadors will be held each August.
  • Follow up meetings will be held at least once per semester.


  • Must be an NSCC student in good academic standing.
  • Have good communications and organizational skills.
  • Have a willingness to participate in events and learn about new cultures as well as teach about your own/Canadian culture.

Time Commitment

  • 8 hours per month commitment, totaling 32 hours per term.
  • Commitment per term, from September to December (fall term) and/or from January to April (winter term).
  • Necessary time to write a blog sharing about your International Student Ambassador experience: how you liked it, what you learned, what you think about the program, any suggestions/comments you want to share.

Outcomes & Record-Keeping

  • Ambassadors are expected to:



    • Attend activities to complete minimum hours.
    • Support other ambassadors’ activities.
    • Engage students to be part of activities.
    • Provide a positive environment to students during activities, helping them to have a good time.
    • Report working activities to coordinator / NSCC International office.
    • Write a blog to share on NSCC International website/social media.
  • Time logs will be submitted to NSCC International to track the participation and effectiveness of the ambassadors.

Compensation for Ambassadors

  • Students who successfully perform their duties will be awarded a honorarium of $500 per term.
  • Students will receive a Letter of Recommendation and a certificate of their participation in the International Student Ambassador Program, which can be used in their portfolios as evidence of cross-cultural work and learning experience.
  • Students will receive appropriate training, which will enhance their skill sets.