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Arriving in Canada

Going through Customs & Immigration

When you enter Canada, you will pass through Customs. A Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) officer will ask to see your passport and your study and co-op work permit (or letter of authorization) and temporary resident visa (if required). If you are a permanent resident of Canada or the U.S, you should bring your Permanent Resident Card with you. Additional information is available here.

Be sure to have all important documents with you and not in your packed luggage. These documents include:  

• A valid passport.

• The letter of introduction from the visa office that you received when your study permit was approved. This contains your permit reference number which will be needed to issue you your study permit.

• A valid temporary resident visa, if required. You can determine if this is needed to enter Canada by checking this site.

• Your acceptance letter from Nova Scotia Community College.

• Any other document that was recommended by the visa office when you applied.

You will not be allowed to enter Canada if any of your documents are missing 

At the Airport + Getting to your Accommodation

Airport Welcome

If you are arriving at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport during the last week of August, you will be greeted by the staff at our Airport Welcome Desk. They will help to answer your questions, provide refreshments, provide a free text or call home, help you get your transportation to your new home, and much more!

The Airport Welcome Desk will open at 8am on Friday, August 23rd and will operate everyday from 8am to 3am. The desk will close at 3am on September 1.

For more information, or to let us know when you will be arriving, please email us: international.students@nscc.ca 

Airport Pick Up

NSCC International will arrange airport pick up for international students arriving to Halifax Stanfield International Airport. Students will pay the driver directly. Cash, debit and major credit cards are accepted. Please email us if you would like to make a reservation.

Also – please review our Campus Guide for other transportation options – or contact us!

Daycare / School Information

I am coming to Nova Scotia with my children. How do I get daycare and school information?

 The information you need can be found at the following link. https://novascotiaimmigration.com/live-here/education/  under the Childcare and Education tabs.

Please note that Nova Scotia has some private schools, education for children in the public primary through grade 12 is free. Daycares are not free. There will be a monthly fee and availability may be difficult. Please look into this as early as you are able.

Please be sure to use the map function before you make arrangements for a school or a daycare Distances to your child’s school and NSCC can be a long car or bus drive.

The school that children attend depends on the area you choose to live in. The daycare is your choice.

For example:

Google maps Halifax daycares.

Google maps Dartmouth daycares.

Google maps Truro daycares