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The entirety of my visit to Grenada has been a continuously improving experience. Each day has been better than the last, but today I think the trip finally reached its climax, at least for me.

Today, not even a week in Grenada we visited the most beautiful natural scenery I have ever seen. Today we hiked to Seven Sisters Falls. This outing was advertised as a physical challenge, by both former visitors and Lennox, our very experienced guide. In this case the advertising was most certainly true.

The hike began by a steep and long descent down a mountain-side on weathered stone and mud stairs. After carefully finishing our descent Lennox asked if we were interested in taking special detour. By now it was evident how much Lennox appreciates the beautiful nature on the island, so we were receptive to his offer. Lennox took us off of the main trail and lead us through a winding path in the forest that was barely worn, he was really sharing something special with us. At the end of this path many of us let out gasps, and shouts of joy as we scaled the last incline. Lennox's special detour was to a breathtaking waterfall, secluded by high stone walls, and barely accessible.

By trusting this friendly individual we were able to experience a once in a lifetime trip that I don't think any of us will forget. NSCC international made these amazing opportunities available, brought together a great group of friendly students, and changed my life by including me in this great opportunity.

Brandon Fields
Electrical Engineering Technology Student
Ivany campus

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