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It literally seems like yesterday I landed in the province of Nova Scotia from Jamaica – my home for all my life.  It certainly was a bittersweet moment, as I left behind some of the best friends and family that life has to offer.  But sometimes, just sometimes, we have to trod different paths, to realize our God-given destiny. It is truly amazing how time flies.  I took a leap of faith and fate and embarked on a journey to better myself through Education in the Field of Finance. NSCC was chosen as the would be a conduit to make my journey possible. I have no regrets!

My most important learning moment since I have been here is more of a reminder, that despite the detractors, hard work still can reap great success.  There were times when the deadlines seemed hard to meet, but keeping the goal at the forefront of my mind has helped me to excel.  Additionally, the ISA Program helped me to meet some of the most wonderful people from so many diversities and cultures worldwide.  We have formed partnerships, and have worked together to make the program the success that it is.  These partnerships, no doubt, will aid in forming great relationship and friendships that can last a lifetime.

 As the tenure of my studies quickly draws to a close, I reminisce with fond memories on how much I have matured over the past year. NSCC, and the International Student Association have all played an instrumental role in my development and will be remembered with fond memories.

Thank you NSCC – you are truly an Educational Institution of choice!


Candacia Haughton


NSCC Ivany Campus

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