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Co-Op Work Permit

If your program has a mandatory work term (also called a work placement, internship, or co-op), you need a co-op work permit.  This is different from the work that you can do with your study permit.  A work term refers to any period of time where you work instead of study as part of your program requirements.  You must have a co-op work permit to do this work – even if it is unpaid.

Co-op work permit is the language Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) uses for a student work placement, work term, internship or co-op work placement. Most international students at NSCC will need a co-op work permit during their program. Please contact us if you are not sure.

This work permit application is online and there is no fee for this permit. The application guide for the co-op work permit can be found here.

Please note that students enrolled in health care programs are required to have a co-op work permit for clinical placements that are a part of their NSCC program.

Video: Answering questions about your co-op work permit


Finding Work

The NSCC website has an extensive list of links for students and graduates looking for employment: https://www.nscc.ca/services/careerservices/graduate-employment-services/index.asp

If you need any help with your resume or have questions about looking for jobs, please Student Services at your campus.