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Vietnam Enactus 2016 – I recently travelled to Tra Vinh, Vietnam in Southeast Asia to participate in the first student-to-student International Learning Program between NSCC and Tra Vinh University. This trip represented my first experience working internationally. Though living and working in Vietnam is very different from Canadians norms, the generosity and hospitality of the staff and students at TVU made me feel right at home. I thoroughly enjoyed the work we did in Vietnam, but being able to explore the country’s amazing cuisine and culture was an experience in itself.

I was incredibly proud to work alongside students and staff from TVU to develop the next phase of the school’s micro-credit lending program. This program works with local farmers to provide them with small loans, designed to grow their businesses and bring them further out of poverty. The role of NSCC students and faculty was to work with TVU students from the School of Economics on a survey, designed to establish the next potential steps for the micro-credit program. Through the creation and delivery of this survey, we determined that the farmers were greatly benefiting from the micro-loan, but would love more technical and financial training.

I cannot express how lucky I am to have gotten this experience, to have been immersed in a vibrant new culture for two weeks, and to have made lifelong new friendships. This journey has certainly been the highlight of my academic career thus far.

Cody Cooke

Student, Business Administration

Co-president Enactus NSCC Waterfront 2016

NSCC Waterfront Campus

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