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Ashley Pinsent-Tobin

Manager International Learning (Incoming), NSCC International

Ashley is the Manager of International Learning Programs at NSCC International.  She loves developing and implementing programs that provide the opportunity for NSCC students and employees to experience and learn about other cultures – whether here in Nova Scotia or around the world. Since joining NSCC, Ashley has worked on programs and projects for NSCC students and staff in Belize, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, the Netherlands and Tanzania. She also works with Student Services to improve andcreate programs and services for international and immigrant students at NSCC.

Prior to joining NSCC, Ashley served as the Manager of Student Programs at Dalhousie University’s International Health Office. In her six years at the International Health Office, Ashley built and managed the Global Health Education Program, which provides opportunities for students, staff and faculty to learn about global health issues in various settings. Ashley also worked on education projects and programs in Tanzania, South Africa, Mexico and Thailand.

Ashley has also worked with local, national and international non-governmental organizations, taught English as a second language in Canada and overseas, participated in an international internship program in the Maldives and participated in study abroad programs in Cuba and Spain.

Ashley was educated at Dalhousie University where she received a Bachelor of Arts (Combined Honors) in International Development Studies and Spanish in 1999. In 2012, she graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University with a Master of Education degree, with a focus on international education and lifelong learning. Ashley is currently working towards completing NSCC’s Community College Education Diploma.

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