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Doing Business in Europe Summer Program in the Netherlands – My name is Emily Mack and I am doing the Business in Europe summer communications program in the Netherlands. The trip to the Netherlands was long, but definitely worth the nine hour flight. I’ve made many new friends, and experienced so many different cultures.

This weekend we took our business excursion to Philips company in Amsterdam, we had a presentation for the direct of consumer marketing who told us about there razors, the different marketing strategy for the different countries they are in. After that we went to a middle eastern restaurant and had amazing meal.

That night we stayed in a hostel so we could go back into Amsterdam the next day, where we took a canal tour in the morning, and in the afternoon we were free to explore Amsterdam as we wish. It was lots of fun.

Now this its all about the studying, 3 presentations and one exam, then I have to say good-bye to the friends that I have made, because I'll be flying home.

Emily Mack

Business Administration

NSCC Waterfront Campus

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