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My name is Felipe Lenz, I am from Brazil and this is my second semester as a full-time student at NSCC. I am here today to tell you a little bit about my experience with the COVID-19 as an international student. It is really hard to spend uncertain times like this far away from my family but there are some things I did that really helped me to feel better during the pandemic. The first once is to stop following pessimistic people on Instagram, because they always freak out with anything related to the virus and they will just make you sad. The second thing is always to exercise at least once a week, this way you will feel relaxed, healthier and your hormones will work better. The third and last thing I did was to enroll in some online courses as a way to distract my mind. There are a lot of free ones available on the Internet that teach you valuable lessons. I hope this text somehow helped you. Stay safe!

Felipe Lenz Almeida

Business Administration

Kingstec Campus


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