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Women in Entrepreneurship in Peru – Employee Application

Employee Application Deadline: October 19, 2018

Program Summary:

ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION are a major focus of the Nova Scotia Community College. As part of this work we are presenting the third year of this exciting program opportunity!

NSCC will be seeking two employee leads for the Women in Entrepreneurship Program. The employee selected as the 'senior' lead will support and help prepare the students and then travel to Peru in April 2019. The employee who is selected as the 'junior' faculty will work with the group to prepare in 2018 and then, with program apporval, will travel in 2020.

Interested employees are asked to review the information below, including the Criteria for Selection, and to submit the online application form.  Expressions of interest will be reviewed by NSCC International and last year’s faculty lead.

The 2019 program will take place for ten days April 2019.

The 2019 NSCC Women in Entrepreneurship Program will provide an opportunity for students to travel to Peru in South America to participate in a program at partner institution Institudo del Sur (ISUR) .  Students will work with students from ISUR on helping develop a project focused on mentoring and aiding local women entrepreneurs as they try and start small businesses.

About Arequipa, Peru and Institudo del Sur

Arequipa is Peru’s second largest city and is approximately 1,000 kilometers south of Lima and located 2,328 meters above sea level. Although Arequipa’s historic (and beautiful) city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (declared in 2000) it is a very industrious city with a high level of employment compared to other regions of the country. Tourism is also a big industry in Arequipa as it is the third most visited city in Peru after Cusco and Lima. The city offers beautiful mountains/volcanoes and valleys and is a culinary delight.

Institudo del Sur (ISUR) is a private Catholic technological institute located in the heart of Arequipa. Programs offered at ISUR are in the areas of Business, Hospitality and Tourism, Gastronomy, Administration and Graphic Design and Multimedia (www.isur.edu.pe).  NSCC has been working with ISUR since 2014 and has Peruvian students on exchange studying Tourism Management and Culinary Arts. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • To develop and refine the skills needed to prepare for and participate in an international learning experience including research, organization, risk management, teamwork, interpersonal communication and cultural competence and sensitivity.
  • To identify and reflect on the differences and similarities between Canada and Peru in regards to the role of entrepreneurs and women in entrepreneurship.
  • To strengthen academic and portfolio profiles through enhanced research, analytical thinking, planning, communication, innovation, entrepreneurship and applied learning. 

NSCC International will Provide:

  • Funding for all travel costs
  • Logistical coordination (risk management, pre-departure orientation, travel documentation support, arrangement of in-country transportation and accommodation, etc.).
  • Program management support.

Selection Criteria:

  • Continuing, full time employee interested in Entrepreneurship
  • International experience considered an asset.
  • Commitment to applying learning in future work with NSCC.

Application Requirements:

  • Online Application Form
  • Signed letter of support from your supervisor stating they are aware you are applying for this opportunity (uploaded to the online form)

 Project Timeline (subject to change):

October 2018 Student and Faculty Application (Call for Submission)
October 2018 Faculty Selection
November 2018 Student Selection
November 2018 Design Student Learning Contract
December 2018 Student Learning Contracts finalized and signed
January 2019 Research and planning phase initiated
January 2019 Online Pre-Departure Course begins
January/February 2019 Health Travel Consultation and Immunization
April 2019 Pre-Departure Conference
April 2019 International Learning Program in Peru
May 2018 Reporting and Debriefing



  • Selected faculty must participate in the pre-departure online course and one-day pre-departure conference on April 12, 2019.
  • Employees must follow the NSCC international travel policy

APPLY NOW! Application Form (click to access form)

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Have Questions? Contact Kellie McMullin, NSCC International: kellie.mcmullin@nscc.ca or 902-491-3387

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