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Please note: There will be a new health insurance plan in place for international students by September 2018. This page will be updated when we have more information on the provider, benefits and cost.

As a new international student, you MUST purchase the international student emergency health insurance (EHI) plan provided through the College. The cost of this plan is approximately $650 for 12 months of coverage. Family rates are also available for those students with dependents.

PLEASE NOTE: The international student emergency health insurance plan provides coverage to the student only in case of a medical emergency and does not cover regular checkups, dental appointments or other preventative services.

For our RETURNING international students – or students who have lived in Nova Scotia for more than 1 year you may be eligible to apply for the Nova Scotia Health Card (MSI card). To obtain a Nova Scotia Health Card (MSI card), you must contact the Nova Scotia Department of Health, MSI office. Contact information, eligibility requirements and other important information can be found online.

International students who obtain their MSI cards can then opt out of NSCC’s international student emergency health insurance plan but need to provide proof of their Nova Scotia Health Card (MSI card) to the Student Benefits Office (see contact information below). Once proof has been confirmed, you will be removed from the international student emergency health insurance plan.

If you have an MSI card, you qualify for NSCC’s Student Health and Dental Plan, details of which can be found in your student handbook or online.

Click here for more information on NSCC's Emergency Health Insurance Plan for International Students.

We have also created a tutorial that will help answer some of your questions.



International students without Nova Scotia Health Cards (MSI cards) will be automatically enrolled in the plan. The fee of $650 will be placed on your student account and must be paid.

If you have a Nova Scotia Health Card (MSI card), this needs to be presented to the Student Benefits Office before September 30th.

If you have any questions about applying for coverage or accessing your emergency health benefits, please contact the NSCC Student Benefits Office:

NSCC Student Benefits Plan Office,

Institute of Technology Campus, Halifax

Phone: 902-491-1624

Toll-free within NS: 1-866-491-1624

Email: nsccplan@mystudentplan.ca