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International Exchange Students – Hello, my name is Julia and I am doing an exchange semester here at NSCC, marketing concentration. The courses are different compared to those I am taking in the Netherlands. Back home, we have courses which help us to conduct one major project per block. I really like the courses at NSCC because I think that they will help me to gain a greater knowledge about marketing.

The people here in Canada are really nice. Once, we were standing with a map of Halifax on the sidewalk and looked up how to get to our destination and very soon there were two people offering their help without us asking them. I was really surprised because this would not happen in the Netherlands. I also experienced the kindliness during one trip we made to St. John in New Brunswick. We stopped in Muncton and had to ask people what we have to see on our trip because the Information station was closed. They gave us a map and also their phone number which we could call in case of an emergency, this was really a nice and unexpected experience. 

Julia Schneider

International Exchange Student, the Netherlands

Business Administration, Waterfront Campus

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