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Women in Entrepreneurship in Peru – I feel blessed to have lead the Women in Entrepreneurship program in Arequipa, Peru this year. Fay, Jessica & Nicole from NSCC and Carman, Israel, Nicole, & Kevin from ISUR made up the Peru-Canada dream team! They worked very hard, were professional, knowledgeable, and caring. And bonus, were great fun!

Our team worked every day with 8 women entrepreneurs who are mothers of children attending the San Juan Apostol school in a rural area outside of Arequipa. We worked with the women on identifying strengths, creating their business model canvas, marketing, internet and social media skills, and customer service.

A highlight for me was that these ladies were willing to share so much emotion with us. They are driven to have a successful business to help support their family. They were willing to dream big. When they suggested that they work together to support each other’s businesses – that was my YES moment! Together we are stronger.

As well we had many cultural experiences as Arequipa is a beautiful city with a rich history. We had fun visiting the sites, shops, restaurants, and outdoor cafes in the evenings.


The cultural highlight was visiting Machu Picchu on the weekend. It took some planning but after 2 planes, 2 buses, & a train we were there! That trip through the Andes to Machu Picchu was breathtaking. Rainforest, cliff faces going straight up, hair pin turns, tunnels, rivers, cactus plants…

Machu Picchu is a marvel of engineering, set 2400 m in the Andes, built by the Inka by hand with small tools. In a word: breathtaking.

All in all, who would have thought that 4 women born in 4 different decades with such different personalities could have so many laughs! Thanks for the memories gals. And thanks to NSCC International for arranging an experience where the learning happens in so many directions.

Krista Taverner

Civil Engineering Technology Faculty

NSCC Ivany Campus

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