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Social Work Summer School in Austria – One missed flight turned into over 24 hours of travelling, but we eventually safely arrived in Austria. We met everyone upon arrival and were excited to relax for the night in our two-bed hotel room; we were a little shocked to find the two single beds pushed together with little foot room surrounding. We also quickly learned air conditioners are very rare in Austria despite the 30-degree weather. But we are here now on day four and are almost fully adjusted!

On Monday we visited the salt caves in Hallstatt and explored Salzburg. Salzburg is a city not too far from our central location of Linz. We had an hour and a half drive which gave us a beautiful view of the Alps! We spent the afternoon walking the beautiful streets; surrounded with Baroque architecture, relaxing in the Botanical Garden, and discovering the taste of Austrian food in some of the many beer gardens. It was an amazing day to build connections with some of the other students while engaging in new cultural experiences!

Leah Salsman

Social Services Student

NSCC Kingstec Campus

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