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Anton’s Blog

Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program - Today started as any good morning in the Caribbean should, with a refreshing swim...

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Sugar and Spice, everything nice

Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program - GRENADA THE ISLAND OF SPICE/CANADA THE COUNTRY OF MAPLE Sugar and Spice everything...

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Building Capacity

Mikumi Solar Project - Building a solar powered project 11366kms away from home has its design and logistics concerns. Halifax...

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Barry’s Blog

  Mikumi Solar Project - Karibu. Welcome! As my first real international travel experience, I had no idea how deep...

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Keeping a College Running During Power Outages

Mikumi Solar Project - The Tanesco Electrical Power Supply Company is the government run utility that provides power in Tanzania....

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Embarking on a Sun Safari!

Mikumi Solar Project - The sun beats down on Mikumi, Tanzania in East Africa, and well, this is a good...

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