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Michael’s Blog

Mikumi Solar Project - Over the past two weeks we have adapted to many changes in our plans, taking them...

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Courtney’s Blog

Mikumi Solar Project - Nearing the end of my first year in the Electrical Engineering Technology program I was introduced...

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Gordie’s Blog

Mikumi Solar Project - I have embarked on an African adventure to provide solar energy to the VETA college in...

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Ben’s Blog

Mikumi Solar Project - Mukumi Safari – a student guided tour After a full week of Solar panel work, usage...

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Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program in Grenada

Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Mission - It is a great opportunity to be back in this beautiful country with a...

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Anton’s Blog #2

Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program - May  15, 2014 Today was a very busy day for everyone in our program. We...

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