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Mikumi Solar Project – Over the past two weeks we have adapted to many changes in our plans, taking them in stride with good spirits. It seems that no matter what has popped up, we’ve kept moving forward with good ideas and hard work. There have been jokes about being on Revision K, though to be honest we haven’t been keeping track, we just keep working towards our goal.

Our photovoltaic system is now set up to provide electricity to five of the guest accommodations at VETA Mikumi. The Masonry students have built a structure to house the battery bank and components, as well as provide the mounting surface for the panels. The other benefit of the structure is it is low to the ground, enabling the Electrical students to work with the system and learn, making it a hands-on lab. Solar power holds great promise for this region and it’s exciting to see it catching on with the community. Soon travellers passing by VETA Mikumi on the Trans-African Highway will see the lights stay on when everyone else loses power.

Today we share a bittersweet time with our Tanzanian friends at Mikumi. This morning's sunrise marks the first full day of our photovoltaic system installed in its new home, while the sunset reminds us that our time here has come to an end. It's been special to work closely with the students at VETA Mikumi, sharing and learning new words, new concepts and new jokes. Together we have created a solar power system that shows what is possible when we work together to solve a problem.

With our time in Africa winding down, we’ll soon be flying home, once more chasing the sun. We have had such a great time together and made so many memories I know we will never forget. Thanks to everyone who made this project possible. Here comes the sun.

Michael Campbell

Student, Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology

NSCC, Annapolis Valley Campus

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