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Post-Graduate Work Permit

Upon graduation, many students are eligible to work in Canada under the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program. The application is available online and the fee is $255. To be eligible, you:

  • Must have studied full time and completed a program that was a minimum of 8 months in length.
  • Must apply for the Post Graduation Work Permit within 180-days of receiving written confirmation (for example, a transcript or an official letter) from NSCC indicating that you have met the requirements for completing your academic program.
  • Must have completed and passed the program of study and received a notification that you are eligible to obtain your diploma or certificate.
  • Must have a valid study permit when you apply for the work permit

Impact of length of program of study in Canada and the length of the work permit:

The maximum length of this work permit is three years; however, your Post-Graduation Work Permit will be based on your length of studies. If the official length of your program of study is:

• Less than eight months: you are not eligible for this program

• Less than two years but more than eight months: you may get a work permit for a period no longer than the length of your program of study (for example, if you studied for nine months, a work permit may be issued for a period of nine months)

• Two years or more: a work permit may be issued for three years

The application guide for the Post-Graduate Work Permit can be found here.

A presentation on the Post-Graduate Work Permit is available here.