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First Few Days in the Cayman Islands

My first few days in the island paradise of Grand Cayman were amazing other than a bit of hiccup on the way to Cayman.

Day 1 we arrived at Grand Cayman airport around noon on Saturday, but my luggage didn't make it with me. I didn't let that get me down and I went and got a fresh haircut and bought a pair of shorts and some swim shorts. We went to a local barber shop and got a nice fresh cut that was better suited for the hot Caribbean weather. Once we were settled in we went out are tried some local beer.

Day 2 was an amazing experience as we went to sting ray city through Captain Marvin's tours. We got to hold the sting rays and kiss them as well as end it off with a back massage from them. The tour also took us out to some wonderful snorkeling spots where there was an array of colourful fish swimming around us.

Day 3 was the start of our Hedge Fund course. It was a long day full of learning new concepts and the basics of hedge funds. We visited KPMG where they were very welcoming and taught us through interactive presentations.


Robert Burrows
Business Administration
Student NSCC Ivany Campus

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