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This time in the great Canada has been a wonderful experience. I consider that I have learned a lot from the history and the way of life in Canada, I also learned from First Nations and from the different cultures that came from Europe. I have been able to see that the Maritimes Region is very different from the other parts of Canada, I learned a lot about the Nova Scotian Laws in one of my courses and I felt comfortable participating in class.

In my opinion, I could say that studying in NSCC opened my vision even more, now I have more knowledge about life and I know more about my career (Tourism) which makes me compare to the tourism in Peru, my country, and contribute to it maybe by giving ideas to improve it. I've also been involved in the NSCC International Student Ambassadors and I believe that participating in all these programs creates a better opportunity for me in the employability area, I am always seeking for chances and knowledge, I try understanding the social issues and I think that getting to know more types of life helps me addressing the social issues better.

An important skill I improved is speaking in public and presenting my ideas being able to engage people. I was already working on that before coming to Canada but I believe I have improved it a lot here, I had to do 90-seconds speech to present my ideas and that made me focus on that part. I also went to visit many touristic places and got the chance to present them to an audience. I really enjoyed it!

In general, I believe that my time in Canada has been an awesome experience and a great new factor for my personal improvement and professional file and I am very thankful for that.


Rubi Briones

NSCC Student

Tourism Management

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  1. Wendi.dewey@nscc.ca says:

    Ruby…I can honestly say that your classmates and faculty learned from YOU as well. It was truly a pleasure having you with us! Thank you for sharing.
    Wendi (-:

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