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Weather Station Project in Grenada – It is so satisfying to be part of an amazing project. Project solar weather station Grenada!

The journey began a year ago when we connected with TAMCC (T.A.Marryshow Community College) and with the local power utility (Grenlec) in Grenada. The local utility is growing the solar electric (PV Photovoltaic) energy available on to its electrical grid.

This introduces some unknown energy flows depending on local electrical loads and weather conditions.

One solution is to know how much solar energy can be expected on a particular section of the electric grid by measuring the solar irradiance (solar energy) at that spot. As a team we developed a solar weather station and successfully integrated it into Grenlec’s control network. This allows them to see / predict and monitor solar energy on the grid at an almost live rate.

Our first week on the ground the team finally got to meet each other face to face. We had been using Skype as our live meeting tool until then. Physically we built our weather stations and programmed the software. This should have had made for an easy second week deployment right! Unfortunately even great plans succumb to hardware and software issues. Luckily we were able to secure new parts on the second week. This allowed us to successfully install our two weather stations.

The cooperation and support for our colleagues at TAMCC and at Grenlec made for this successful project to be completed within our two-week window. 

Because of the strong commitment and desire to continue the collaboration from all three stakeholders a new version of the weather station will be planned for next year.

When we get back home, we will finalize this years project by documenting making recommendations for next year.

Grenlec will also enable the data to be forwarded to both TAMCC and NSCC to be used as a living lab.

It is very rewarding to keep these projects alive and growing, enabling future learners to engage in past and present projects.

I am very fortunate to be part of another NSCC International project that enriches both the learners as they venture into their careers, and for myself as faculty to share in the classroom and among peers these experiences.

"Solar" Gord Wilkie

Electrical Engineering Technology Faculty

NSCC Waterfront Campus


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