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Student Life & Student Association


As an international student, getting involved on campus
is an excellent opportunity to participate in hands-on experiences, work with people and develop leadership skills. When you become involved in student life events and activities, you become an important part of the campus learning community and develop positive relationships with fellow students, faculty and campus staff.



As a full or part time student at NSCC, you automatically become a member of an amazing organization – your Student Association (SA). The Student Association is your student government on campus and they support students by providing important programs, events, services and activities that enhance the college experience.  The SA supports peer tutoring, student employment, on campus student food banks, and supports the development of on campus student organizations.  They also organize fun things like Frost Fest, pep rallies, social evenings, year-end celebrations and sports and recreation (like hockey, soccer, skating, and other fun recreational events).



International Student Ambassadors help connect new international and immigrant students to the campus and community. The Ambassadors will plan activities, help answer your questions and connect with you at your campus. You will receive more information on connecting with the International Student Ambassadors at your campus via email.