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I arrived in Canada, on the Halifax Natal Day weekend in 2017. I brought with me just a backpack, some luggage and thousands of dreams and expectations. My time at NSCC has been amazing and an important step from a long journey. I met many people from around the world with incredible and inspiring life stories which influenced me in a positive way. The faculty and staff are kind, approachable, and professional. In the very beginning of my first year at NSCC I started my engagement with the International Student Ambassador program. This is a voluntary leadership program which allows students to take an active part in delivering events, services and activities to fellow students as well as the community. I had the opportunity to participate giving support and leading groups of international students in many community events, conferences, training sessions, trips across Nova Scotia, hockey games, contests, etc. This involvement made me feel connected to the community in Halifax and it started to make me feel like I was at home. I developed lots of skills, such as leadership, teamwork, time management and networking, building an intercultural mindset and developing multicultural competencies, that are considered important in the work environment, especially in Nova Scotia. This experience has been creating great opportunities, for me and has been make a difference in the peoples' life. I still have a long path to follow, but I believe that these couple of years at NSCC helped me to become a better professional, and more than that, a better person!


Thiago Pereira

Business Administration

NSCC Ivany Campus

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