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They say that there are more questions than answers and I had enough questions to fill an extra piece of luggage.  What happened next, I did not anticipate.

I was introduced to the idea of Strengths based Leadership in previous conversations with Claudine and I had to take the test in preparation for the Leadership Training Forum.  This was a frustrating exercise!  I needed time to weigh the options before making an appropriate selection.  But before I could do so, the allotted twenty seconds elapsed.  I was convinced that I flunked the test.  Then the results came, I am Deliberative.

Thus began the Journey – literally.  A small group of strangers, telling stories, many times beginning with the words, “I never told this to anyone before…”.  Was it the genius of Claudine, the intimacy of the red van, the warmth of our hosts, or the trinkets on the tables?  I may never be able to tell.  What I do know, each person got the opportunity to exhale.  What’s more, we all took in a new, deep breath of fresh air.  Inspiration!

I fully recognize and thank everyone for making the visit of the seven (7) member team from TAMCC a resounding success.  In addition, I will use this blog to document the persons who participated in the Leadership Training Forum: Claudine Lowry, Katie Orr, Hermia Anthony, David Fleming, Janet Byrne, Bobbi Dunham, Craig Collins, Kevin Quinlan, Dave Freckelton, Greg Russell, Sheila Mac Crimmon, and Zoran Kondali.

So I leave, still with questions, a different set of questions, but I don’t need the extra piece anymore.

Irwin Abraham

HR Manager

TA Marryshow Community College (Grenada)

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