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International Tourism in Ireland – Today we visited Jerpoint Abbey, New Ross Castel, and Kilkenny Castle. My favorite part of our journey today was visiting The Dunbrody Famine Ship in New Ross where we had a guided tour, audio/visual presentation and then finished up with a delicious lunch in the on-site café! I enjoyed our visit here the most because we were able to catch a glimpse of what life was actually like during the famine with the exact replica of the Dunbrody Ship and the short skits the employees put on.

The learning experience I took from today was in the different styles of guiding as we said good-bye to our tour guide Marian last night and welcomed our new guide, Amy, today. Marian was informative and allowed us to discover attractions on our own and answered any questions we had while providing us with valuable information. Amy had more of an informative style providing us with a lot of facts, history, and stories while walking us through each room of the attractions. She was very gregarious compared to Marian’s laid-back style but through both of them I learned equally.

Tonight we are staying in The Times Hostel in Ireland’s capital city, Dublin! I was able to get a walk around the lively city in before tucking in for a quiet night and am excited to do more exploring tomorrow during our free time.

Aileen MacDonald

Tourism Management Student

NSCC Akerley Campus


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