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International Tourism in Ireland – Cliffs of Moher & Sheepdog Trials

 Today we started by eating breakfast at the hotel, which was delicious. We then met our drivers who were the nicest and funniest people you'd ever meet! Off we went to the Sheepdog Trials in Caherconnell, with a few photo op pit stops on the way.

The sheepdog trials were very interesting; it's amazing how smart the dogs were and how they knew which sound the farmer made was meant for which dog. Holding a baby lamb for majority of the time we were there was the highlight of the trials for me! After that we headed to the cliffs which was absolutely spectacular. We poked our heads into the shops and enjoyed the views for about an hour and headed off to Ennis to check into our hotel, where we had a lovely dinner and spent the evening in the bar listening to live music. Not to mention the weather for the day was more than we could have asked for!

We had such a perfect day, and I can't wait to have many more of them this week!

Alicia Hill

Tourism Management Student

NSCC Pictou Campus

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