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Canada became a discovery for me partially because I was lucky to spend 4 months in Nova Scotia Community College. I knew that I would enjoy my time here, but little that I knew how amazing it will be.

From the very first day I was getting knowledge from people who were experienced in the field they were teaching about. Also, the grading system motivates on continuous work during the semester. One of the main advantages for me was the constant connection between theory and practice, which is very important in marketing. All students are given a freedom of decision making when it comes to projects and assignments.

Four months in NSCC were one of the best and most exciting periods in my life.

This kind of opportunity only comes once in a lifetime and if you have a chance to come here for an exchange semester, then you should definitely do it.

Not to mention the beauty of Canadian nature, delicious food and sense of humor of each Canadian you meet.

Would I go back? Without any doubt.

Would I recommend this experience to others? Absolutely.  


Alina Surnina, exchange student, NSCC Waterfront Campus

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