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International Exchange Students – My experience at NSCC and in Canada is being a great one.

 I am learning a lot with the family I am staying with, at NSCC, and from the Canadian people behavior (if I count every person I meet in the bus station, there would be a lot! Canadian people are so friendly); my mind is now open and this have helped me to notice what I should do to take my country to success. Besides, I am learning the challenge of living alone, I feel really great about it.

My experience at NSCC is really great, with excellent teachers that are always there to solve any doubt; they are really kind and helpful. I am making new friends and exchanging interesting cultural facts. What I most like about this college are the conferences held every Monday: “Power Hour”, it is really useful to hear some experts and old students of the Tourism Industry, they talk about their experiences and give us advices to be better professionals; my learning about those conferences is summarized in one word: “Networking”, the importance of selling yourself is huge! What is more, showing confidence is really important; those are just few things I am learning at NSCC. I also like the fact that teachers emphasize the professional practice.

Finally, this experience has been the best in my life, I know that I will have more excellent experiences; I feel really proud and happy that my first great abroad experience is being in Canada.

Alonso Loayza Flores

International Exchange Student, Peru

Tourism Management, Akerley Campus


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