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International Exchange Students – I never thought that I would one day leave my homeland of Grenada to come to Nova Scotia, Canada. But God has allowed for this opportunity of a lifetime made possible through the CARICOM Leadership Program. So far this has been a wonderful learning and cultural experience. Words cannot describe how happy I am to be here.

Nova Scotia is in some ways similar but yet different to Grenada. For example the weather-as it thought me that looks can definitely be deceiving. A sunny day in Nova Scotia can be a chilly day and I learnt this the hard way by not walking with a jacket. This type of weather is considered a nice day by the people of Nova Scotia but to me this weather is cold.

The people are very hospitable which is similar to back home. But somewhat their degree of friendliness is on a different level that it is still welcoming. It makes me feel like I belong here. I also like the fact that most people appreciate the bus drivers by saying thank you to them- which is very nice.

On November 15th, 2014, I experienced snow for the very first time (a day I will never forget). Although it was nothing much but just seeing these snowflakes as I walked Barrington Street it was a dream come through. I cannot wait to see the entire place white so I can build my first snowman.

I am learning so much within the Culinary Arts program at NSCC. The information that I am receiving will be shared with my classmates when I return to Grenada. Did I say that the Chefs are remarkable.

 I can go on and on about the different experiences that I have had since being in Nova Scotia but it would be too much. Finally, a heartfelt thank you goes out to Ashley Pinsent-Tobin and the NSCC International team for giving my friend Caralana and I this opportunity. This experience will be treasured forever.


Amanda Bruno

International Exchange Student, Grenada

Culinary Arts, Akerley Campus

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