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International Tourism in Peru 2015 – "Trying new things in Peru!" 
Coming from Nova Scotia Canada, my experience with trying food hasn't gone much further than attempting to enjoy lobster or clams… well let me make one thing clear; Peru has MUCH more challenging foods (at least for someone like me). Today is day three of 14 of our International trip to Peru and I have definitely been successful with my commitment of trying new things…
First off, we went to an enormous market today that was packed full of vendors selling anything you could ever imagine from dog food in bulk, nuts, natural medicines, toys, knick-knacks to alpaca fur products and raw meat (that made me question if I ever wanted to eat meat again)… having said this, there was an entire section at the market that was dedicated to fruit. I had no idea there were so many kinds of fruit.. let alone one in specific. It looked like a giant pea pod from the outside and a whole bunch of fluff on the inside (see attached photo). Well, I tried it. And if you could get past the fact that it felt like you were eating a soggy cotton ball, it actually wasn't that bad. It was quite sweet and yummy! I got a high five from my classmate for my bravery. The second thing I tried and probably the most interesting, was squid. I called it octopus because it makes it sound cooler, but it was only squid. Now the thing with this squid that frightened me, was that it didn't look cooked, it was the same purple color it would be if you found it in the ocean and the worst part… there were still suction cups visible on this piece of squid. Having said this, I agreed to try it. I tried to cut the piece in half because I was terrified but it was so tough that I couldn't so I put it on my fork and in it went. I also had prepared a buttered piece of bread in my left hand as "chase" in case the squid was as disgusting as I was anticipating. (See attached photo of me chewing the squid, note the look on my face).. needless to say, there wasn't much flavor; however, I didn't eat anymore!  Now aside from those extra strange things, I also tried an ice cream-like dessert called Queca (I think I spelled it right) it tastes like vanilla ice cream kind of, it was good! I also tried swordfish; not bad, sort of like haddock and I tried this berry fruit juice which was also yummy. 
I must say.. for someone as closed minded as myself when it comes to food… this trip has definitely caused me to open my mind and at least give it a try!! You never know what you might like 😉 
Amanda Morrisey
Tourism Management Graduate 
NSCC Pictou Campus
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