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CCEDP Summer 2015 – Having the opportunity to visit Canada, Halifax in particular has been a remarkable learning experience to me. I was so excited for every moment that I spent in this beautiful land. Getting the opportunity to visit many attractions and meet many people have open my mind and learn more about Halifax, its history and culture.

For the three weeks that I spend time in Halifax I had chance to see a lot and do a lot. The long ship sailing, tour to Peggy’s Cove, barbeque at Ted’s Place, tattoo festival and tour at Halifax public garden are activities that I got opportunity to attend and participate.  This has been a memorable experience that I will never forget in my entire life.

Spending time with NSCC staff member at IT campus for lunch and introduction session was another moment that I cherish a lot. The staff members were so welcoming and hospitable. I am happy to be part of this wonderful family.

Two weeks I spent at Truro Campus was another crucial moment I had at Halifax. The life at Truro was more on knowledge sharing between me and NSCC newly faculty members. Meeting with NSCC newly faculty members give me opportunity to learn more about Halifax culture and also exposing them to my culture.

While in Truro Campus, I got the opportunity to attend two courses which was Facilitating adult learning, and Assessment and Evaluation of the adult learning.  The facilitating adult learning exposed me to new concept of facilitating which known as BOPPPS (Bridge In, Learning Objectives, Pre-Test, Participatory Learning, Post-Test and Summary). On the other hand, assessment and evaluating adult learning equip me with the knowledge on assessment and evaluation techniques. I am looking forward to use knowledge I acquire at Truro to improve my facilitation, assessment and evaluation of adult learners in Tanzania, particular at Veta Hotel and Tourism Training Institute. Also, to share the knowledge acquired with my colleagues in Tanzania.

Thank you NSCC for your kindness and hospitality that you devoted to us for the entire time that we spent at Halifax. Thank you Katie for your kindness heart and caring you show to us during the time we spend in Halifax.

Amen Charles Lema

Tutor-Principal of Management at VHTTI

Arusha, Tanzania.

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