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An Un-Belize-able ExperienceBelize

It’s a bad pun, but somebody had to say it as this experience for the NSCC group in Belize is one that will be life-changing for many. As the sun sets on the quaint city of Punta Gorda in southern Belize, the NSCC students and faculty from the school of Health and Human Services share a delicious meal together overlooking the Caribbean sea and debriefing on their first day of their International Service Learning program.

This year’s program in Belize has the students doing job shadowing placements at the Hillside Medical Clinic for one week and a community outreach project through the Ministry of Education in local schools educating the children on the importance of hand-washing and teeth-brushing.

The group consists of nine students Stephen Filek (LPN program at the Waterfront Campus), Keith Torrey (LPN program at the Strait Area Campus), Elaine Shukys (Community Services Program at the Burridge Campus), Nicole Peel (Disability Support Services at the Kingstec Campus), Amy Crowe and Kristie Greeno (Theraputic Recreation program at the Waterfront Campus), Tony Micallef, Nicole Boyd and Kristin Ligi (Pharmacy Technician program at the Waterfront Campus); two faculty Anne Schleit (CCA faculty, Burridge Campus) and Bev Stotz (Pharmacy Tech faculty, Waterfront Campus) and a manager Kelly McKnight (project coordinator, School of Health and Human Services based out of the Lunenburg Campus).

Not only will the group be getting experience and learning within their field of study, they will also be participating in cultural activities and tours and a session on traditional medicine in Belize.  Stay tuned for blogs by the students and faculty as they reflect on this rich experience in health, education and culture.


Kellie McMullin

International Learning Associate

NSCC International

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