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International Exchange Students – Today I am living and experiencing a cultural change here in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am from Ecuador, a small country in South America. Before coming to Canada I was very excited and happy because I wanted to experience something new in another place out of my home. A few days before the flight I started feeling really nervous, but being afraid of the unknown is normal, and facing that fear it what makes us strong and courageous. So, I did it! I came to Canada. I am enjoying and having a really good time. I am learning new things about tourism and hospitality at NSCC, the culture, and the weather. It has helped me to be prepared  for the future and more independent.  This experience has been amazing, I would not change anything about it, I have no regrets, and of course I would do it again!


Ana Maria Silva Gando

International Exchange Student, Ecuador

Tourism Management, Akerley Campus


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