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ISTEP Tanzania 2015 – Karibu Sana (“you are very welcome” in Kiswahili)!  We were warmly welcomed by our Tanzanian partners in Dar es Salaam as CICan kicked off the orientation and planning workshop for the ISTEP (Improving Skills Training for Employment) projects funded by the Government of Canada.  NSCC is in partnership with the Tanzania Vocational Educational and Training Authority (VETA) system for two separate projects, one of which involves tourism and the other teaching training.  Jim Bate and I, in collaboration with Tim Loblaw and Nalini Andrade at Bow Valley College, are working with MVTTC (Morogoro Vocational Teacher Training College) on a project that includes curriculum development, distance learning and library supports.  While I have had the opportunity to participate in projects with NSCC International in the past, this was the first time that I have been involved in an inception mission.  It has been a great opportunity to be part of the early planning stages and gain a deeper understanding of the requirements of the ISTEP program. 

We wrapped up our first week of meetings with a wonderful evening out at a local restaurant where we spent time getting to know our new partners and getting reacquainted with old friends while enjoying a meal of nyama choma (barbecued meat).  My favourite is mbuzi (goat), not everyone’s cup of tea, but tasty for those willing to be adventurous. 

During our second week we traveled to Morogoro to spend time with Principal Stephen Lazaro Tsoray, Project Coordinator Dickson S. Mkasanga, and Anamringi O. Maro along with the members of curriculum and ODL teams of MVTTC to plan out the details of the project.  The time together was spent sharing presentations, learning about each of our institutions and getting a clear understanding of the project requirements and expectations.  I look forward to working with our partners at MVTTC and Bow Valley College and the learning ahead for us all as we embark on this project.  Asante sana to our hosts for their hospitality and to Katie Orr and the NSCC International team for recognizing the importance of libraries in supporting teaching and learning. 

Andrea Stewart

Director, Library & Information Services

Nova Scotia Community College


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