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Greetings from Grenada. My name is Andrea McLeod, and I am one of the team from the T.A.Marryshow Community College, St. George, Grenada here in Nova Scotia to complete two CCEDP modules. I arrived knowing that I would be taking modules in ‘Facilitating Adult Learning’ and ‘Evaluating and Assessing’. I knew that I’d be lodging in the dorms at the Truro Campus, and I knew that it would be hard work. What I did not know though was what a great  group of people I would meet, and how easy it would be to make some great connections and firm friendships!

The journey to Halifax was long and tiring, so on Monday morning I had hoped for a gentle introduction to the first module – no chance! Dave Freckleton made sure that we started as we meant to go on, at full speed. This proved to be an intensive, but very rewarding course which really made me think about the structure of my lessons, my delivery and content. My group became a second family, we laughed (and nearly sometimes cried) together, and I cannot forget the pearls of wisdom I departed the ‘micro teach’ sessions with. I now know how to inspect a wet suit, wash my clothes without shrinking them (great props Lisa), make apple sauce, and pull off a very convincing card trick. More importantly though I was reminded of how important the communication in the classroom is, thanks Audrey.

Week one was followed by a great weekend break in Halifax. Lovely strolls on the waterfront, good food at the Economy Shoe Shop, and shopping at the mall.  ‘Historical Halifax’ has it all, and really knows how to entertain. The people are very friendly and helpful, and always willing to impart  a gem of information about the region. It really is like home away from home, just without the blazing sun, but the good weather did make an appearance for a few days at least.

Week two was a little easier, dorm life was good, and new groups and acquaintances were formed. Again, in my group we bonded quickly and taught each other so much. The support was great, and many laughs were had along the way. The highlight for me was the seminar day, where so many assessment and evaluation techniques were shared, and I was forced to look at my course through fresh eyes.  These two weeks have really been refreshing, and I cannot wait to put some of these new strategies into practice when I return. However, with the festivities at the waterfront for this last weekend and a fabulous day at Larry’s home on Sunday I’m not sure that I want to leave! Thanks NSCC for a wonderful learning experience.

Andrea McLeod


T.A. Marryshow Community College (Grenada)

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