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Mikumi Solar Water Project in Tanzania – Working on the Mikumi Solar Water Project has been an amazing experience so far. It is very rewarding to see all of planning come to fruition. It hasn’t been easy though, as we’ve had some challenges along the way. When we got to VETA Mikumi we discovered that the solar pump in well 1 didn’t work, so Liam “Masonator” Mason, spent most of our first week trying to fix it. Liam is a self-proclaimed “Black Mamba Dundee”, haha. We had some trouble in the electronics department too. Colton determined that the pyranometer doesn’t work. We decided to forgo that sensor as it’s expensive to replace and there is no way to get one here in time. Another challenge was with the pressure transducers to measure the water depth in the wells; one was missing and one was broken. We found an extra one in the pump control shed so we put that down the solar well, and now have one pressure sensor up and running.

We went on a safari last weekend and it was amazing! A huge thank-you to Saronga for being our guide. We got to see all sorts of animals such as impalas, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, water buffalo, various birds, and my personal favourite, elephants. As if all the animals weren’t enough, the scenery was absolutely stunning. We stayed in ‘tents’ (more like cabins with canvas), at Vuma Hills. They had an awesome view of a valley from their water tower. We tried to watch the sunset but the sky clouded over just as the sun set. It was beautiful anyway. The end of the weekend was a bit sad as we had to say goodbye to the tourism and media arts students from NSCC. The week we had together was fun and they will be missed for sure.

All in all, I’m having a great time. The weather is great, and the students and staff are awesome. VETA Mikumi has made us feel welcome at their campus. The students here are very eager and enthusiastic, watching everything we do, asking questions, and lending a helping hand at every opportunity. I’m very grateful for their hospitality and I’m proud to be part of the team that is helping them with their water problems.

Andrew Morash

Electronic Engineering Technology Student

NSCC Waterfront Campus

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