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Social Services Summer School in Austria – To applying for grants, summer jobs, and traveling internationally I didn’t think that I would be faced with ageism as much as I have as a mature student at 37 years old. Coming to Austria with four others who are 15-20 years younger than myself I had already had the “mom” title which lead to some great conversations and good laughs. While in McDonalds, clearly looking like tourists with backpacks, fannies, and not knowing how to order from the kiosk a curious young man approached us to ask where we were from and what brought us to Linz. When school was mentioned by one, his excitement rose and was quick to assume that I was the teacher to the others. As we all giggled, I corrected him and learnt that their studies cut off at the age of 26. Although I would have been honored to teach these wonderful students, I was grateful I wasn’t.  

On another occasion, we found an outdoor swimming complex, there was a student discount in which I thought for sure I would be okay with proof but was denied the student discount with my student ID card because I was over the age limit in their country. Not a big deal, as the discount was small anyway and understanding that I’m not in Canada. She wished us well and we had fun and for the first time in the trip I didn’t feel my age.  

Angela Eisner

Social Services Student

NSCC Kingstec Campus  

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