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Mambo! Being part of the Happiness Project in Tanzania truly was a life changing experience. For two weeks I lived in the students dorms and got to learn first hand about their culture and way of life. During our first week, we taught the Tanzanian students about the different types of entrepreneurs and Social Entrepreneurship really stood out to of some of the students. For part of our project, we were split into three groups and were given the assignment to create our own small businesses and run them on the campus for three days. My group called ourselves the Twiga Caregivers and we wanted to be social entrepreneurs. For a minimum of 500TSH we cleaned the tutors (teachers) offices, students dorms and the cafeteria and decided we would donate 100% of our profits to two female entrepreneurs we had the opportunity to interview during our first week at the ee-yeyio cultural village. At the end of the three days we were able to donate 324,000TSH to these women, who are the breadwinners for their families. As life changing as that experience was to those women, my life was changed in that moment too. I went on this project expecting to be the one doing the teaching, and in the end I learned far more from some of the most amazing people I have ever met. I cannot wait to continue to keep in touch with my new friends and to share our ideas and encourage and empower each other through entrepreneurship.

Angela Radcliffe
Business Administration
NSCC Pictou campus

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