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Being in NSCC has taught me several things, here I have earned life experience, but the most trascendent learning moment I think is that here I realized the importance of being involved in my industry and make connections. I definitely think that my participation in NSCC would open me doors, back home, here I have got the opportunity to learn in a multicultural environment, which is valuable for my Industry, in different forms. Now I am able to be awared of the cultural differences of my coworkers but also of my guests, and it is important for employers that employees can bring this kind of experience to their company.

NSCC has provided me the opportunity to develop lot of skills, here I have received   instruction and workshops in guest service, I have improved my english and my business writing skills, I have made connections, I have developed my  time management skills, I have become more responsible because I had to take care of myself, I have earned knowledge in Management and Human Resources procedures, and the most important personal goal is that I have met incredible people from all over the world and I am glad that I can call them friends. All the knowledge I have learned will help me to reach my professional goals, but the people I have met here has made my experience unforgettable. Thanks NSCC for the opportunity!!

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