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Anton’s Blog #2Grenada

Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program – May  15, 2014
Today was a very busy day for everyone in our program. We conducted seven interviews, at multiple locations throughout the island. This was arranged for us by Dr. Dow-Phillips of TAMCC, without whom we would never have been able to pull of such a successful day so smoothly.

My interview group, Bougainvillea, conducted two interviews. This first of which was with an instructor at TAMCC, Rosamond Francis, whose family owns a catering company. We were able to gain some fantastic insights into the local catering industry and its very competitive market. Additionally, Ms. Francis discussed with us the importance of and her passion for focusing on the use of local ingredients. To further this practice, she has taught classes where her students substitute imported ingredients for locally grown ones.

For my groups second interview of the day we travelled to the airport to meet Mr. Joseph Simon. Mr. Simon is the operating owner of several restaurants located in the airport, as well as being partnered with the Goddard Catering Group with whom he operates an airline catering company which provides food to multiple international airlines. Mr. Simon has worked in the service industry for quite a long time, working his way up the corporate ladder which allowed him to work and live throughout the Caribbean. This was truly a fantastic interview which allowed me to meet a very passionate and accomplished gentle who demonstrated a deep appreciation for Grenada and its culture.
It is now time to get back to my paper work and logging of interview information. This was an unbelievable day of learning and gain valuable interviewing experience which will not soon be forgotten.

Anton Nestel

Student, Culinary Arts

NSCC, Lunenburg Campus

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