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Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program – Today started as any good morning in the Caribbean should, with a refreshing swim in the ocean to wake me up and get me prepared for my day. The beach is only a minute walk from my room, and at this time of day, very quiet and relaxing, making it a great place to collet your thoughts and get ready for whatever the upcoming day has to throw at you.
We then headed to TAMCC to work on our interviewing skills and discuss the format in which we will be approaching each interview. This was brilliantly lead by one of our instructors from NSCC, Janet Hawkwood. It was a great learning experience for me and it introduced me to a new and softer style of interview, which will help me gain more insight into the Grenadians lives and culture.

We then left the college to go to the “de la Grenade” factory, where they make a wide variety of products from local herbs and fruit including their international award winning Nutmeg Syrup and La Grenade Liqueur. I very willing sampled everything that they had to offer and thoroughly enjoyed every bite of it.

For our last stop of the day we went to Fort Frederick. It was a beautiful historical site sitting on top of a mountain ridge overlooking St. George’s bay. This is truly a must see site on the island not only for its own historical beauty, but the view is second to none.

I am now going to leave you, and take in some more wonderful sunshine on the beach. A fantastic way to finish off a wonderful day.

Anton Nestel

Student, Culinary Arts

NSCC, Lunenburg Campus

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