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CCEDP Summer 2015 – Spending three weeks in Canada was real good experience and exciting moment to me as it was my first time to visit Canada.

Our host Katie showed us a very good hospitality from the day one to the last day. We really appreciated for everything you did for us Katie Thank you so much.

I was so excited for every moment that I spent in Canada. Getting the opportunity to visit many attractions and meet many people have open my mind and learn more about history and culture of  Canada.

 I got an opportunity to visit Peggy’s Cove where I learned a lot about a valuable history about that community, to attend at tattoo festival, I also got an opportunity to see the King George Island through the boat sailing, nice barbeque at Ted’s Place, and I had a tour to Halifax public garden. All these moment will continue to be in my memory throughout my entire life.

Spending two weeks at Truro Campus where by, First week learning more about Facilitating adult learning and for the second week learning about Assessing and evaluating adult learning gave me an opportunity to learn a lot. This time also gave me an opportunity to meet NSCC faculty members, and through them I learned more especially about their teaching style. But I hope they also learned more form me especially about Tanzanian cultures and some Swahili basic words.

I believe that the CCEDP training I got has changed my entire teaching life.

 I commit myself to share the knowledge I got with my fellow tutors at VHTTI as well as to apply it in my day to day teaching.


“The beautiful about learning is that nobody can take it away from you” – B.B.King.

Aturebeca Sanga

Tutor – FBSS at VHTTI

Arusha, Tanzania

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