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Nova Scotia, a beautiful province with an evening skyline that paints a breathtaking sunset. With rich hues of red blended with amber, orange and crimson, it portrays a perfect display of a masterpiece created by a true artist. This astonishing view was the first thing that captured my attention on arrival.

Leaving my home Country to study in a foreign land was a very difficult decision to make, as it meant being away from my family and friends for an extended period, being the first for me. “IT WAS TOUGH”. I was given the challenge to quickly adapt to the drastic change of environment such as climate, culture, language, food, weather etc.

My new life in Nova Scotia has opened my eyes to opportunities beyond my comprehension.

            Secondly, as a Culinary student from the NSCC Akerley Campus, I am currently learning a tremendous amount of information about the Culinary industry. Whilst being exposed to different kinds of food from multiple backgrounds and a recipe to execute professionalism, I was also given the opportunity to explore more about myself and discover hidden talents.

Lastly, my best memories of Nova Scotia are from the U-Pick Dempsey Corner Orchards in the Annapolis valley. Here I ate firm juicy apples picked fresh from the trees and hiked on refreshing trails with panoramic views. This is a province worth the opportunity to fill your life with experience and adventurous stories to tell.

Avion Primus

Culinary Management

NSCC Akerley Campus

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