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Being an ISA is great!

I am Emon Majumder. I moved to Halifax from Bangladesh to study IT Programming at Nova Scotia Community College. Before moving to Halifax, I did not have much idea about lifestyle in Halifax or Canada. So, I was a bit confused and tensed.

After starting my class at NSCC I came to know about NSCC International as well as the opportunity to be an International Student Ambassador (ISA). Before I became an ISA, I had a very little idea about what will I do or what will I get being an ISA.

Now as I am graduating, I can say being an ISA was a great decision. Being an ISA I had the opportunity to work with international students more closely, celebrate, participate, and organize events for international students. I also got many good friends through this.  I am very thankful to NSCC International for this opportunity. My 2 years journey at NSCC was not always a smooth ride. But whenever I was having difficulties, I found all the support I needed from NSCC International. I got to know Nova Scotia better by participating in different road trips organized by NSCC International. All these trips were full of enjoyment. I believe being an ISA also helped me to be selected in “Nova Scotia Study and Stay Program”. NSCC International will always have a special place in my heart. I will encourage international students to go NSCC International for help if they are in need.”

Emon Majumder

IT Programming

IT Campus


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