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Social Entrepreneurship Project in Vietnam – One of the most memorable experiences I’ve lived wouldn’t have ever been possible if I didn’t ever apply for NSCC.

Originally born in Vietnam, I’ve never visited the country ever since I was a kid. I stumbled across NSCC international and was informed that there was a trip to Vietnam. I always knew it had to be the right moment to return to Vietnam and there wasn’t a greater chance then with NSCC International. 

Once we arrived, everything immediately was mind blowing, exploring the culture for the first time, it was amazing to experience a different way of life compared to Canada. The people, the food, the traditions and architecture left me speechless. I’ve experienced other cultures and by far the Vietnamese is one of the most interesting. 

The Vietnamese students from the university gave us great hospitality and we’re very caring and friendly, they made all of us feel welcomed. They we’re very organized with events in which we had time to focus on our projects as well as explore some incredible tourist excursions. Everything from cruising through the Mekong Delta river, exploring through the streets on motorcycles, enjoying delicious traditional new food to living on university campus enjoying the shinning sun and exotic views. It was amazing to share this experience with the two other students and faculty. Together we went out and took beautiful photographs and videos capturing moments through the camera lenses.

The country of Vietnam was not only unforgettable but made me very proud and appreciative of my home country from across the world. This trip made me discover another part of myself and I thank NSCC International and Tra Vinh University for giving me this life changing experience.

One day, I will return to Vietnam with greater ambitions and I will speak Vietnamese.

Benjamin Edwards

Screen Arts Student

NSCC Ivany Campus

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