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Doing Business in Europe Summer Program in the Netherlands – I am thoroughly enjoying my experience in the Netherlands. I had the amazing opportunity to present my pitch in front of the executives at Philips. This task took a lot of preparation and hard work. As a group we researched the company and their products, made a product of our own, created a 4 minute pitch, and practiced a great deal.
We first presented at Hanze and were chosen as one of the 3 groups to present at Philips. After finding this out we practiced and perfected our pitch before going to Amsterdam. We were satisfied with our overall pitch in front of the executives and were actually chosen as the winners of the Dragons Den simulation. I felt a great deal of pride and success after our group was selected as the winners. I already consider my experience here a success after that day and everything else I get to do is really a bonus.
Bonnie MacNeil
Business Administration Student
NSCC Waterfront Campus

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